The right partner
We are a leading managed service provider with over twenty years’ experience delivering integrated networks, hosting and unified communications services to national, international and global customers.

If you’re looking for a partner that will help you grow your business and realise new revenue streams – a managed service provider that offers a robust product portfolio, complete with a simple to use online self-service dashboard backed by a comprehensive UK based support infrastructure – then Easynet is the right partner for you.

A different approach
Easynet is a managed service provider that makes it easy for you to access and deploy the latest technologies in order to sustain your market competiveness and that of your customers too. We can do this for you because we are independent and not locked in to selling our own infrastructure or that of a single carrier, and we can source and integrate services and infrastructure from the most appropriate providers to create dynamic, enduring and sustainably competitive networks and hosting environments.

Our business model is designed to offer freedom of choice. We can achieve this as we are autonomous, we have no vested interests, bias or ties. In our experience this freedom of choice delivers the best commercial and technical offerings for our Partners.

We integrate directly with the available carriers in geographic regions, seamlessly linking these connections through to our carrier integration facility. This model gives you the freedom to pick the right carrier and the right technology at the right cost for each and every part of your customer’s network.

Cloud & Hosting
We can combine our cloud solutions with your customer’s Private Cloud, as well as with Public Cloud providers from around the globe, creating a hybrid style environment designed to meet your customer’s exacting business requirements all managed by a single provider.

Unified Communications  
The communication and collaboration landscape is constantly evolving and our Partner specific portfolio has been structured so that we can effortlessly integrate technologies, where necessary alongside your own capabilities, and enable you to manage your customer’s environment regardless of their chosen vendor, devices and way of working.

Our comprehensive suite of service applications available through Matrix is unparalleled. No other managed service provider can offer you the level of transparency and control that we do. Matrix presents you with end-to-end visibility of your customer’s inventory, billing and the real-time performance of their services at any time. But Matrix is much more than just the presentation of information.

Matrix enables you to view quotes, track orders and monitor service requests, and also gives you access to a suite of management tools which means that you can manage add, change or cease services and sites yourself.

It doesn’t stop there. Matrix also provides a holistic view of the overall performance of the network and the applications travelling across it, as well as visibility of the rate of consumption of your Easynet Cloud services.

Sustainably Competitive 
An inherent benefit of our carrier integration model is the ability to seamlessly incorporate new and relevant technologies. This advantage is passed directly to you so you can make sure that your customers IT infrastructure leverages new technologies in order to maintain a competitive edge in business, and is always relevant to their evolving requirements.

We regularly prompt our vendors and suppliers to assess their pricing. Any benefits gained will be passed onto our partners as you have complete visibility of any new pricing structures or technological advances.

Unlike other providers with legacy revenues, we don’t look to fight against new technology. We embrace it and enable you and your customers to benefit from it, thus always being sustainably competitive.

A robust portfolio 
Finding the right connectivity, cloud-based hosting and communications solution for your customer is no easy task. Our knowledge, experience and product portfolio is central to our success in delivering solutions that enable customers to connect anywhere in the world to share data and communications services. Partner with Easynet and you can be confident that we have the technical expertise to create an IT infrastructure that keeps your customer’s business connected, secure and productive.

Our carrier integration model means that we are can give you access to the broadest choice of access technologies and infrastructure available in the marketplace. Enabling you to select the optimum network design, with the lowest associated cost, in order to meet your customer’s requirements.

Cloud & Hosting
With the on-going evolution of cloud services in today’s market place many managed service providers have overlooked a common business need: the requirement to bring together a variety of cloud-based options in a single solution managed by one provider. We are capable of integrating a broad portfolio of standard modular service catalogue items into a customised Easynet cloud solution for your customer. Regardless of whether the requirement is private, public, hosted or hybrid our highly secure, open standards approach will enable you to choose the right solution to best fit your customer’s requirements, now and in the future. We also offer the latest in cloud-based security solutions to ensure your services and applications remain secure. 

Unified Communications
Every business looking to drive growth will demand a Unified Communications (UC) solution that is based on their specific requirements which ensures their employees can work more flexibly, across multiple platforms and devices, from any office or remote-working location. An Easynet UC solution will seamlessly combine multiple technologies, with multiple formats, and increase the efficiency of your customer’s employees and their business.

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Matrix: A suite of service applications


Matrix gives you access to a suite of tools and applications that give you a single view of your services so that you can accurately monitor your inventory, billing, service performance, planned maintenance and network performance in real time.

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Fully certified and accredited


Easynet is ISO27001, ISO20000, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified and has also established relationships with key governing bodies and technology vendors ensuring that the products, solutions and services that we deliver are best of breed.

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Real life customer and partner case studies


We are proud of the way we interact, engage and work with our customers and partners. Read what some of them have to say about Easynet, their experiences working with us and how we’ve helped them gain a competitive edge in their market place.

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